The Miracle of the Box Truck

You’ve heard the saying, God works in mysterious ways, well this is one of those times.  In the late fall of 2020 a local HVAC company, Sky Heating and Air Conditioning donated to our organization one of their box trucks.  It was a very welcomed donation, but it would need some money put into it for rehabbing it and removing the vehicle wrap for Sky Heating.  It’s a narrow market for box trucks, and we were a little unsure about our ability to turn it around.

Then it happened- we were informed that our lease for the Tualatin site was being cancelled and we were given 45 days to shut down operations and move out.  Suddenly, we had need to be able to move equipment and we were in possession of a box truck with a lift gate!  God had blessed up with a box truck that we could use during this time of need and we didn’t need to absorb the expense of a costly rental. 

That timely donation of the box truck enabled us to move out from Tualatin, and then when we were ready to move into our new Oak Grove location we were still in possession of this gift.  We used that truck to get our equipment moved from our storage site to the new location, and now it is ready to begin its next chapter with a new owner.  God’s timing is perfect.

How you can help

Donations of cars, truck and now box trucks are always appreciated as they bless Auto-Tek, its interns that learn on the vehicles and those who purchase them

Donations of funds help us fund our interns and operations and keep the mission of training and providing benevolent auto care viable.

Thank you for your prayers and support of Auto-Tek Workforce Development

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