About Us


We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit automotive training facility located in Canby, Oregon.

Our values

We are dedicated to helping our community one car at a time by training people seeking employment in the automotive field, by preparing donated vehicles for resale, and helping those in need get into a safe and reliable vehicle.


We are a Christ-centered organization with a belief we can provide hope and meaning through education and a pathway to living wage employment. Our life skills training is designed to develop our interns into respectful and diligent employees who care about their community and believe in serving the community. We believe our words and actions are what God is asking of us to further His kingdom.


We believe in providing quality service, which is why we hire qualified technicians to guide and train our interns. No-compromise means we hold ourselves to high standards of performance to get the job done right. Wisdom and integrity guide us in our decisions and we are accountable for our own actions. By leading this way, we instill these values into our interns and help them grow into skilled and reliable employees.


We are committed to our interns and to our community. We are dedicated to providing our interns with the education and mentorship to develop the life skills necessary for a successful career, but we don’t stop there. Upon completion of our training program and certification, we also help them find long-term employment. We are also committed to making a positive impact in our community by making low-cost automotive services available to those who cannot afford it.


You can help us continue serving our community by donating your used car, or providing financial support.
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