A Story of Hope: “Faith-ship 2020”

John (name is changed) had a job, one child at home, and his wife in the hospital having their second child when his car broke down.

We received the notification of their need from one of our non-profit partners. The car was not feasible to fix.
I remember the call that day. As I looked at our frail inventory I knew there was nothing we could do to help. I told John we would be praying for him, but we had nothing to meet their need. I hated those answers from my lips. But, then it happened…
A Ford sedan with limited issues was donated to us that day.

We made the move to get it in the shop and focused our efforts on the few repairs it needed. We were able to have it ready the next day.
John later told us that they were praying for a miracle. His 5-year-old (who likes spaceships) calls the Ford “Faith-ship 2020.” Oh, and mom and baby are doing well! 

Every effort from Auto-Tek Workforce Development to help others is often a partnership. We might be at the forefront, but it is a collaboration of 3rd party referrals and our supporters, like you.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have been able to provide automotive repairs at no or reduced cost for those who are less fortunate, and get local families back into a dependable car so they are able to get to work and other activities in today’s mobile world.
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