Building Lives by Repairing Cars.

By providing debt free training for  people seeking employment in the automotive field.

Our mission is creating tomorrow’s automotive leaders.  We have created a holistic program and environment that promises to impact the automotive industry as well as the communities of which they live.
With the training, we have also committed to helping those in need maintain a safe and reliable vehicle


On January 1, 2016, we opened our doors in Tualatin and have been blessed to train over many individuals seeking employment in the automotive field and helped many more families who have demonstrated a need for reliable transportation but whose varying financial circumstances prevented them from getting their vehicles up and running.

In 2020, we committed spending 11% of our gross revenue provided in benevolent care and vehicle placements, continuing to increase our provisions to those in need, thanks to many generous donations.

In Spring 2021, we successfully re-located to Oak Grove in Southeast Portland. With this location change, the organization changed its name to Auto-Tek Workforce Development.  This name reflects our primary mission of training people seeking employment in the automotive field.

This would be our home for the next 18 months. As we settled into our new location, it became clear that we would need more space to accomplish our mission of training.  

In October 2022, we completed our final move to Canby Oregon. Our new 8000 ft² facility allows us to train more interns while also allowing us space to house our donated vehicles used for training.

Our new location is ideally situated to allow interns easier daily access by public transport and is situated close to many automotive service shops for future transition into the industry. The location has been set up to focus on our automotive training on donated vehicles that will be repaired and certified for re-sale and support our mission to provide benevolent car service through our partners.


"Amazing people here @ Auto-tek Workforce Development!!! Very honest and knowledgeable technicians and their service just blows me away! Iam so very thankful and happy to found this place 🙏 💯💯💯!!!!"
Oct 2022
"My alternator went out of Friday and was delivered to them after hours on Friday. They where closed the whole weekend and they had my car fixed by 1pm on Monday. Amazing service I'm very glad to of had them fix my car."
July 2022
“The great people are very knowledgeable, trustworthy, and are experts at keeping my vehicle and family safe and on the road. I can’t recommend them enough.”
Dec 2020


Auto-Tek Workforce Development provides unique automotive technical training for those wishing to be employed in the automotive field.

Our Training Program Includes:


Car maintenance and repair is an essential part of keeping families away from economic disaster. We believe reliable, safe transportation should not be out of reach for anyone in our community.

Auto-Tek is committed to making reliable transportation available to those in need.

Cash donations help us provide car care for those who cannot afford it. As resources allow, we work to provide reliable transportation to those in need. Please visit our Donate page to learn about making a tax deductible donation

Donated cars are worked on by our staff and used to train our interns. Once they are repaired and certified, the cars are sold and serve as our primary source of funding. Learn about Donating a Car.

Donated cars are worked on by our staff and used to train our interns. Once they are repaired and certified, the cars are sold and serve as our primary source of funding. Learn about purchasing a car from ATWD.

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